Westbase Technology

We helped this market-leader get the most out of Pardot by tracking visitors right through to qualified sales and optimising the customer journey.

Westbase Technology

At a glance

Company: Westbase Technology
Sector: IT & Communications
Objective: To maximise the use of Pardot by tracking visitors, qualifying more leads and optimising marketing campaigns.
Solution: Enabling visitor tracking, webform integration, nurture emails, landing pages and social posting integration for end users to get the most out of Pardot.

Westbase.io is a leading 4G LTE and IoT networking distributor, providing the advice, services and solutions organisations need to be better connected. With 30 years of distributed network experience to share, Westbase.io works with their customers to help them to embrace the latest advancements having worked with wireless LTE networking solutions throughout its evolution. They apply the valuable insights gained from working with these customers to help evaluate distributed networking needs both today and further down the road.

Gaining valuable insights for sales

Westbase Technology wanted to use Pardot to monitor visits to their corporate site and webstore, to warm up existing leads and track ROI across multiple channels. They wanted visibility of their visitors’ actions to gain insight into their customer’s behaviour and intentions, using this information to better inform the sales team. Armed with more insight on their customer’s interests, the sales reps were able to close more business. Over the past quarter, tracked site visitors increased by over 20% and Marketing Qualified Leads increased by 1089%, compared to the previous period.

Generating more leads

In order to generate more leads for sales, the marketing team needed a way to easily create landing pages and forms to promote content and increase data capture of prospects. We created a template that the marketing team could copy and edit so they could get landing pages up and running within minutes. As a result, average monthly submission rate for content landing pages has increased by 114% over 6 months. We also replicated Westbase Technology’s web forms across the site so their data was captured and held in Pardot, ready to be marketed to and inform the sales team.

Re-engaging existing leads

To engage with existing leads, we helped Westbase Technology set up a nurture program in Pardot to promote the brand further and warm up leads ready for the sales team. Emails in the nurture program have an average click through rate of 6.52% and 9% of cold leads go on to be qualified and passed through to sales.

Calculating marketing ROI

As they were planning to reach out to new prospects via social, Westbase wanted to be able to monitor engagement on their social channels and determine the ROI of their activity. To get the most out of their social marketing efforts, we helped Westbase Technology connect their social channels to Pardot. This not only gave them an easy way to post social messages across multiple social media accounts (increasing the number of social posts by 58%) but also provided visibility of social engagement and ROI from the channel.

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