We helped the RSA to migrate their email sending and manage the email preferences of their diverse audience in Pardot.


At a glance

Company: RSA
Sector: Non-profit organisation
Objective: To migrate all email sending and manage the email preferences of their diverse audience in Pardot.
Solution: A custom email preference center, advanced email analytics and dynamic content to make email sending easier.

The mission of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is to enrich society through ideas and action. We believe that all human beings have creative capacities that, when understood and supported, can be mobilised to deliver a 21st century enlightenment. We work to bring about the conditions for this change, not just amongst our diverse Fellowship, but also in institutions and communities. By sharing powerful ideas and carrying out cutting-edge research, we build networks and opportunities for people to collaborate – creating fulfilling lives and a flourishing society

A diverse audience

With many different topics, themes and projects for RSA Fellows to get involved with, there was a challenge to manage campaigns and preferences at many different levels from general newsletters to individual projects. Additionally, RSA Fellows and subscribers were not easily able to manage which emails they receive from RSA and preferences were not managed centrally.

Managing preferences in a simple but structured way

The custom built Email Preference Center (EPC) was used as the basis for prospects managing their preferences for the specific mailing. A series of custom redirects and custom fields now manage prospect list membership, which can be reported on in Pardot and Salesforce. Lists can now only be created in one of the 4 categories to maintain a consistent structure.

Enlightened email sending

Email sending has been migrated in to Pardot and a combination of advanced email analytics and A/B testing is used to improve email performance. Using Pardot’s Advanced Dynamic Content feature, RSA are now able to tailor sections of the newsletter to show relevant content (e.g. regional events) without having to create multiple emails. The time taken to send the weekly newsletter has been drastically reduced and can now be managed by one team member rather than a whole team.

Getting the maximum ROI of Pardot

The majority of marketing teams are now using Pardot with a 35% increase in emails sent per week since implementing the email preference center. Due to better targeting, there was over 42% drop in Opt Outs over the first 6 weeks of implementation and the fortnightly Fellowship Newsletter (largest email communication) is now consistently A/B tested, which has resulted in a 14% increase in click-through rate over 4 months.

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