Guidant Global

We helped this award-winning recruitment outsourcing specialist create a unified user and customer experience after merging their two Pardot accounts.

Guidant Global

At a glance

Company: Guidant Global
Sector: Staffing and Recruiting
Objective: To merge two Pardot accounts, align templates globally, seamlessly migrate data and assets, and generate leads through the website.
Solution: Webform integration, Flexible email and form layout templates, Data & asset audit and merge.

Guidant Global is a new global talent acquisition and managed workforce solution provider operating at the forefront of today’s workplace.

In October 2018 Guidant Global was created out of the best of two Impellam businesses: Guidant Group based in the UK, and Bartech Workforce Solutions, based in the Americas.

Merging accounts

With the merge of the two companies, Guidant Global decided to continue working in the UK Pardot account, which meant migrating the US account.

Therefore to support this process, we audited the assets and technical processes in both accounts, and advised on the best solution.

In addition, we marked any differences in the automated processes that had to be resolved before the merge to ensure a seamless transition.

Aligning branding

The two merged companies had different email styles with their own branding. Templates were not optimised for sending, and the designs were not aligned with their new branding.

In order to create consistent branding in Pardot, we worked with customer’s marketing team and designed email templates.  This then provided useable assets in line with the new brand and modern look.

Generating more leads

As part of the merge, a new website was put in place, and Guidant Global decided to utilise the site for lead generation.

Upon request, we designed new layout templates with aligned form styling in Pardot to match their new branding.

We also provided support with embedding the forms on the website, to increase lead generation through their new website. 

Migrating data

Moving the US database from one Pardot account to the other was essential for the customer to continue marketing to their target audience from the global account.

Firstly, we audited and exported prospect data from the US account to have a clear overview of the work ahead of us. In addition, we prepared their values in a consistent data format with the agreed options. This finally resulted in consistent data, all stored within one Pardot account. 

Key stats



Prospects audited and imported from the US account to the global account.



Marketing assets migrated from the US account to the merged account.



Consistently branded templates created for the global company.

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