Nebula uses carefully selected sub-processors and has agreed data protection terms with each sub-processor regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data.

Here is an up-to-date list of Nebula Consulting’s sub-processors:



Description of Processing Entity country, Inc

Cloud CRM & Marketing Automation Software

United States

Google LLC Cloud Enterprise Infrastructure

United States, Ltd

Cloud Project Management Software Ireland

Xero Limited

Cloud Finance & Accounting Software

New Zealand

Docusign, Inc Cloud e-signature Software

United States

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Online Video Conferencing United States
Madoba Imperium Kft Consultancy Services


Gearset Limited Deployment Tool

United Kingdom

Atlassian Corporation Plc Cloud Project Management & Information Repository


Ebsta Limited CRM Email Integration

United Kingdom

Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Office

United States

Equidistant Consulting Limited Consultancy Services

United Kingdom

WP Engine Website Hosting

United States

LogMeIn, Inc Password Management

United States

ExaVault, Inc. Secure Data Transfer

United States

Keeper Security Inc Password Management

United States

Slack Technologies, LLC, Inc. Instant Messaging

United States