When is the right time for an SME to invest in Salesforce?

by James Campbell - May 24, 2017
When is the right time for an SME to invest in Salesforce?

There are always differing opinions within any organisation regarding the appropriate time to invest the financial and employee resource to implementing enterprise CRM software.

It is a significant investment for any size of business and while many companies admit that moving to an enterprise CRM like Salesforce needs to happen in the ‘near future’, the project is continually put it off to next financial quarter as existing tools are ‘sort of doing the job’.

While it is very important to wait until you have the right internal resource to dedicate to the project, it is critical that you don’t leave it too late and fall behind your competition who may already be investing heavily in this area and delivering a fantastic customer experience as a result.

Developing a best in class CRM doesn’t happen overnight. At Nebula our mantra is to keep your implementation simple and start with the minimum functionality that will deliver a big impact. From there you can evolve your CRM as your business processes change and your knowledge of the platform improves. It should be a journey of continuous improvement.

Developing the technology isn’t the only time consuming element, so is collecting useful customer data. In the world of big data, predicative analytics and AI, the sooner you start collecting rich customer data, the sooner you will be able to produce actionable insights.

If you are having trouble justifying the cost internally, it is worth doing a calculation of what percentage uplift in Sales or what percentage time saving would be required to pay for the investment, as small improvements often pay for the technology several times over!


Grow your small business with Salesforce.

Salesforce is the world’s No.1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for small businesses. It’s cloud-based and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for SMBs.

We know what it takes to make a small business successful, which is why so many have chosen Salesforce to help them increase sales, generate more leads, and improve customer service.

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