Summer ’23 Release – Our Account Engagement Hot Picks

by Lucy Fernando - May 12, 2023
Summer ’23 Release – Our Account Engagement Hot Picks

It’s that time again! The Summer ’23 release notes have arrived and our Marketing Cloud team have put together their favourite features. Take a look at what we can’t wait to see in Account Engagement.

Enhanced Builder Columns Are Evenly Spaced

There’s nothing more annoying than migrating all your templates over to the Lightning builder only for the right-most columns to display weirdly when column spacing is applied! The way around it is such a faff, particularly while trying to maintain responsiveness so glad they’ve finally fixed this bug with this new release. It does mean that people will need to check existing templates though. – Dave


Copy Assets Between Account Engagement Business Units More Easily

This will be super useful for Account Engagement customers who use multiple business units but still want to share the emails or nurture programs with other teams. Sometimes this is for showcasing best practice, but in some cases, it is needed for consistency in terms of branding and communication. At the moment, this is only done with manual actions with the business units open in multiple browser profiles, which takes a lot of effort and energy. But now, using Salesforce Flow and the Pardot API, marketers can work with developers to make this much easier. – DoriĀ 


Prospect Change Monitor

Our customers often ask how they can get a general overview of all the different automation going on in their account, but there’s never been an easy way to monitor that. Until now! The Prospect Change Monitor is a new feature in the Optimizer which shows which features are making changes to your prospect records. I love the idea of having a more holistic view of what’s making changes to Prospects in your org. This will be especially helpful for larger teams to ensure they’re not overloading the system and shows how the product team are trying to support marketers to be much more strategic with their campaigns and think about how Account Engagement fits in their wider martech landscape. This could really help boost system performance, improve efficiency and help spot issues earlier. – Sarah

Screenshot of Account Engagement Optimizer


Trigger an External Action After a Prospect Engagement

External actions are a personal favourite of mine in terms of brilliant features that Account Engagement has. Now that these are available as a completion action, I think it’s a huge gamechanger for marketers who were ‘on the fence’ about exploring this. The possibilities are endless! – Zoe


Opted Out Field Sync Behavior

In the community, the updates to the Opted Out field caused quite a stir and users rushed to find a solution quickly. Understandably, this was quite complex for many users who used multiple email platforms or had custom business processes. Community users raised the idea to reinstate the ‘Most recently updated sync option’ on the AppExchange. After debate, the use most recently sync behaviour will be brought back. It is important to highlight that Salesforce listens to the needs of the community. – Hannah

List of field sync options between Salesforce and Account Engagement


Use Data Cloud Segments in Account Engagement

For me, this illustrates just how grown-up Account Engagement is becoming. Having a connection with another of Salesforce’s key Clouds, and being able to leverage customer data held within Data Cloud for all your Account Engagement activities is huge. This also recognises that B2B Marketing tools still need to be looped into a single source of truth, especially when multiple personas may exist across a company’s tech stack. Long gone are the days of Account Engagement being a closed box with limited options for extensibility. To me, this shows the importance of the product in Salesforce’s ambitions for growth in big business and beyond. – Jack


Keep your Account Engagement Business Unit running smoothly with Optimizer (Generally Available)

In Account Engagement, as with any cloud based product, intense system processes can slow down how well the system works. Enter Account Engagement Optimizer! Optimizer allows you to see recommended actions to improve efficiencies in your Business Units and address potential issues. It’s thrown up some interesting recommendations from what we’ve seen, including identifying prospects with bot like behaviour. Something new that’s been added is ‘Prospect Change Monitor by Feature’ – this gives you a pie chart showing you which Account Engagement Features (such as Dynamic Lists, Automation Rules etc) that are making prospects changes in your Business Unit. This can be really good to see what’s using system processes and see whether these automations are in need of a review and spring clean! – Ketan

Zoe Fisher
Principal Marketing Automation Consultant

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Convert Dynamic Lists to Static Lists

Who doesn’t love a new button?! Say goodbye to saying ‘once you set up a list as dynamic, you can’t change it to static’. This is a simple, but very useful feature that can save a lot of time for marketers who want to switch a dynamic list to a static one. Currently, this has to be done manually via exports/imports or additional automation. But now, a list can be converted with just one click of a button. This is great for marketers who need to segment their audience using dynamic lists, but then manually add prospects later. And if you no longer require new prospects to be added to any of your lists, they can be converted to static and save your processing power. – Kiera


Email Report Print Count Fields Are Being Removed

If you haven’t noticed yet, when they navigate in the Reports ‘Interaction’ tab the two fields ‘ Print’ Count’ and ‘Forward Coun’t have already been removed. While the ‘Print Count’ might not be something that you’re reporting on right now, the ‘Forward Count’ is definitely worth mentioning as historical counts will not be retrievable. – Migena

Screenshot showing advanced Account Engagement email analytics, including the Print Count metric

To find out when the release will be available in your org, check out theĀ Maintenance Calendar. Don’t forget to let us know what you are looking forward to!

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