Step Up Your Mobile Email Marketing

by Dorottya Dvorak - February 20, 2017
Step Up Your Mobile Email Marketing

Email Monday has collected the most important and current statistics over mobile email usages that provides us an exciting insight on how the customers really think of our emails.

For instance, based on this overview now I know that if an email doesn’t display correctly on mobile, 71.2% of people will delete it and 16.3% will unsubscribe immediately. Since over 50 percent of people first reads their emails on a mobile device I think we can agree how essential it is to focus on creating responsive and mobile friendly email templates.

I believe this overview is a must read document for every marketer to understand the means and changes in their customers’ email behaviour. So go ahead and read more about it.


The biggest turnoffs people have with mobile email are: Receiving too many (44%), Not relevant (37%), Too small to read and interact with (32%), Website and landingpages not mobile optimized (26%) and Not well formatted for mobile phones (21%)



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