‘Salesforce Einstein’ is one step closer to truely automated marketing

by James Campbell - October 15, 2016
‘Salesforce Einstein’ is one step closer to truely automated marketing

The majority of marketing teams do not spend enough time analysing data whether it be reporting on campaign performance, scoring leads or building customer personas. Salesforce’s new AI tool aims to utilise machine learning to do all that for you. Can’t wait to see it in action!


Salesforce Einstein includes new marketing capabilities, including the following:

>Predictive scoring to gauge a lead’s likelihood of email engagement, unsubscribing or making a purchase.
>Predictive audiences to build segments of people with common predicted behavior.
>Automated send-time optimization to deliver messages when prospects are most likely to engage with them.
>Adaptive customer journey to automatically adapt the journey for each customer.
>Determining the next best action such as the next product, content or offer.
>Wave analytics to uncover new patterns and insights.


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