Randomness and Oblique Strategies to aid problem solving

by Aidan Harding - April 26, 2018
Randomness and Oblique Strategies to aid problem solving

In development, or any creative pursuit, we all get stuck. The trick is to know how to get unstuck, without just staring at a blank page.

There are a few well-used, but not entirely well-known methods.

In this video (and also here) Tim Harford explains how unusual constraints or random interference can help to get us out of a rut.

If it’s good enough for David Bowie, then it’s good enough for me. So, next time you get stuck, why not visit http://www.oblicard.com/ and see if it moves you in a new direction?


In the surprising story behind the best-selling solo piano album of all time, Tim Harford may just convince you of the advantages of having to work with a little mess

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