Pardot Winter Releases Are Here!

by Jeena Jeeva - October 25, 2019
Pardot Winter Releases Are Here!

Pardot have been busy creating new features for us to enjoy! Grab a cup of tea and have a look through what they have in store for us…

B2B Analytics Enhancements

Combining Prospect and Activity Data in B2B Marketing Analytics

Adding the Prospect and Activity Dataset to your lenses and dashboards will help you to further understand prospect engagement. With this dataset, you can unearth valuable connections without having to create complex reports. Find out more.

Dive into Account Records with Engagement History Dashboards

You can now give your sales and marketing users the power of data exploration by adding Engagement History Dashboards to a tab on account records. You will be able to gain a bigger picture of prospect engagement by using these account dashboards together with your campaign record dashboards. See how you can set this up.


Snippets gives you the power of content reuse. You can create a section of text, images and links which can be pulled into an email or email template.

This is great for promotional emails that have similar content. All you need to do is to create one snippet and use it across all these types of emails.

Next time you need to make changes to the content, you only have to update the snippet, and the email and email templates inherit the changes!

This update will apply to all Pardot editions with the Pardot Lightning app.

Find out more about this great time saving feature.


Added Insights Within Einstein Behaviour Score

Einstein Behaviour Scoring can now tell you which specific marketing assets typically have a role in closing new deals.

These new insights explain how a prospect engaged with an asset, such as an email promotion or a landing page.

Einstein brings these data points together to determine which assets’ engagement activities are most likely to generate opportunities. Learn more about this feature here.


More information about these new releases can be found here.

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