Pardot Einstein – Einstein Engagement Frequency

by Kyle Blacker - March 25, 2022
Pardot Einstein – Einstein Engagement Frequency

As an Email Marketer, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm and flood the inboxes of your prospects. Not only is it a speed run for someone to unsubscribe. But it could also encourage them to flag the emails as spam, damaging the sender’s reputability in the process.

I’m sure we can all relate to signing up to a newsletter or service and the emails are coming in a little too frequently.

A very common term you have probably heard of is “recency and frequency”. Setting up dynamic lists with rules to prevent prospects from receiving too many emails in a short time frame. While this is a good method to prevent spam, it’s not a catch-all. Each prospect has behavioural patterns when it comes to engaging with your brand.

Introducing Einstein Engagement Frequency

Available for Pardot Advanced and Premium editions, the Pardot ‘22 Spring release of Einstein Engagement Frequency (EEF) helps alleviate some of the pain points that come with finding that sweet spot. EEF uses AI to pinpoint individual prospect engagement patterns. It uses these patterns to predict the optimal send frequency for your email campaigns. Better yet, this data is stored in a new prospect field. Therefore meaning you can build additional automation/segmentation off the back of it!

Pardot Einstein new prospect field

The model itself is built on send data for list emails, engagement studio emails and Salesforce engage. It does this by analysing open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates for each recipient. It does not take into account test or operational emails. While the model will start assigning statuses from 28-days, it works best from the 90-day mark. This is because by this point in time it will have plenty of data to work with and be able to pick up on trends with better accuracy.

EEF does also require five or more variations of email sends within 28 days, based on at least 10 recipients in each group. Varied emails help it learn, using the same emails over again doesn’t.

If Einstein Engagement Frequency sounds like a useful tool that your company could benefit from or have any other general Pardot enquires, please feel free to get in touch.

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