New Starter – Alex Bond

by Kathryn Manzai - March 07, 2022
New Starter – Alex Bond

Alex joined at the start of the year as a Pardot Consultant, read on to find out more!

What’s your name and what do you do at Nebula?

Alex Bond, I am a Pardot Consultant.

Describe yourself in three words.

Outdoorsy thrill-seeker!

If I’m not at my desk I’m __________.

If I’m not at my desk (and it’s lunchtime), I’m going for lunchtime walks up and down the Leeds Canal, which is just by my flat. In the evenings, I practice saxophone and join the Leeds Project Big Band on Thursdays. But when I’m not working, on weekends you can find me wild swimming or competing in open-water swimming in the lakes and waterfalls around Yorkshire!

Tell us your favourite can, crisps and chocolate.

Irn Bru (a legacy from my 4 years in Scotland), Walkers Cheese and Onion, and Kit-Kats.

My favourite thing about Nebula (so far!)

I love that everyone is very supportive, open and friendly here – whenever someone asks for a hand with something or has a question, everyone jumps to offer their support and advice, and that’s a really nice thing to see.


Make sure you take the time to say hello to Alex when you’re working alongside each other! And find out about the rest of the team here.

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