How We Proved That Everyone Has Time to Create Powerful Content

by Sarah Kelleher - November 09, 2016
How We Proved That Everyone Has Time to Create Powerful Content

Over the past four weeks, we’ve been trialling Passle to try and boost our content creation at Nebula and plant our flag as experts in the field of CRM and Marketing Automation. In the past, despite many of us having strong marketing backgrounds, we have fallen foul of all the usual excuses for not keeping up with our content marketing. With all the good intention in the world, our blog was looking a little dusty.

Each team member was tasked with posting interesting, digestable and shareable content and opinions in their area of expertise. We do have a highly-skilled and knowledgable team and it was time to share that with the world.

The results were staggering. We created more content in the first two weeks than we have in the last two years and it had a much wider audience. With relatively little effort, we proved that every single person in the business has something valuable to share with our audience.

The key to the success of this exercise was its simplicity. We shared opinions, comments and articles on topics we know well and that would resonate with our audience. Each post only took 5-10 minutes and didn’t require hours of research or copywriting.

Of course, there’s much more to a content marketing strategy and we’re just at the beginning of this journey. But it’s a journey we’re excited to take.

And who knows, you too could win a snazzy trophy like me 😉

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