How the Internet Continues to Transform Traditional Marketing

by Sarah Kelleher - November 08, 2016
How the Internet Continues to Transform Traditional Marketing

Marketing has changed drastically since the explosion of the internet, from the dominance of more traditional channels (TV, radio, display) to more varied digital channels. Now, marketers have direct access to consumers through email, social media, network advertising and a whole host of digital media.

The marketing landscape continues to change at breakneck speed and to keep up marketers need to ensure they continually evaluate the core foundations of their strategy:

  • Marketing Mission
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Mechanics & Tactics
  • Measurement

This article from Business 2 Community highlights just how much the digital age has transformed the marketing world.


Over the past 20+ years, the internet has made a huge impact on the marketing industry. As the public has shifted the way they interact with brands and shop for products and services, traditional forms of marketing have shifted as well. Instead of focusing on the company, the focus is on the users. Instead of mass-advertising, we are now able to personalize our efforts. Instead of a few channels, we now have access to many. Instead of hoping our campaigns will work, we can test and track in real time with big data. The amazing thing is we are just getting started with seeing all the internet can do.


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