Empower your Pardot with Pardot Einstein

by Jeena Jeeva - July 30, 2021
Empower your Pardot with Pardot Einstein

Pardot Einstein is a set of AI-powered features for your marketing automation through Pardot. Empower your Pardot with Pardot Einstein today!

It will assist both your marketing and sales teams by providing user behaviour and sales transparency, as well as help you to enhance your marketing insights.

Pardot Einstein consists of four features. Keep reading to find out what they are and how each one can help you.


Einstein Behaviour Scoring

Uses Pardot Engagement History data to determine which prospects are most likely to become customers in the future. It analyses factors including behavioural signals and recency of engagement to determine a prospect’s score.

Simply add the Einstein Scoring component to Lightning pages or a Behaviour Score column to your list views and then, sit back and watch Einstein work its magic!

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Einstein Lead Scoring

This feature will make your sales teams especially happy. The reason why is because they will have a better idea of which leads are the most likely to convert.

Einstein analyses past lead information to see if there are any current leads which have common traits to leads that have previously converted.

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Einstein Campaign Insights

Adding these insights to your Lightning pages will help you to learn what factors drive campaign performance by revealing trends in prospect demographics and marketing asset engagement.

Find out what else you can learn from these insights here.

Einstein Attribution

This feature analyses historical campaigns and finds emerging patterns to help improve your campaigns and marketing efforts.

It enables you to see which campaigns are most effective at generating leads and conversions.

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