Communities for Beginners

by Linda Forsstrom Torres - March 20, 2018
Communities for Beginners

Salesforce Communities are ideal for companies looking to enhance relationships with partners and customers, or improve internal processes with its employees. One of the great things about Community Cloud is its flexibility as you can adapt its function to fit your business needs.

Communities can be helpful for businesses that need a safe space to generate and test new products ideas, or build closer relationships with  customers, or exchange product information with partners. These were just a few of the Community benefits that Trailhead’s Community Cloud Module taught me. Below you will find a summary of the topics included in this module.

What can you learn from Trailhead’s Community Cloud Module?

This module offers a variety of different topics with the overall aim of educating you on what communities can do for your business. It starts by giving you an overview and introduction to Community Cloud and then goes into how Communities can be adapted for different customers, partners and employees.

Topic 1. Get started with Community Cloud

  • How Your Community Can Help You
  • Improve Engagement with Customers, Partners, and Employees
  • The Community Cloud Advantage

Topic 2. Engage with Your Customers

  • Use Community Cloud to Engage with Customers
  • Integrate with Service Cloud Features
  • Measures the Return on Your Community Investment

Topic 3. Engage with Your Partners

  • Lira Financial’s Partner Problem
  • Use Community Cloud to Build Robust Partner Relationships
  • The Partner Community’s Definition of Success

Topic 4. Engage with Your Employees

  • Make Your Employees Happy Campers
  • A Personalized Experience for Every Employee
  • Tracking Success in the Employee Community
  • Lessons Learned

If you think that Communities might be what you are looking for, go and earn your Community Cloud badges today!


Whether you call it a portal, a help forum, a support site, HR central, or something else, an online community is a great place to connect with the important folks in your life (you know, customers, partners, and employees) in a new and different way.

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