Britain flexes its cyber-muscles

by Nick Clark - November 05, 2016
Britain flexes its cyber-muscles

Cloud providers have highly skilled security teams and economies of scale to invest in the latest security technologies. Cloud providers are also assessed by many different customers, have to comply with a broad range of security regulations, and are motivated to ensure customer security success since this is foundational to the cloud business. In many cases, the security resources that a cloud provider offer exceed those that organisations can afford independently.


PHILIP HAMMOND, the chancellor of the exchequer, is not a man given to making dramatic statements. Known as “Spreadsheet Phil” during his cost-cutting stint as defence secretary, he does dry better than the Sahara. Yet on November 1st, addressing a geeky conference hosted by Microsoft, Mr Hammond declared that not only was Britain developing its offensive cyber-capabilities, but it was doing so “because the ability to detect, trace and retaliate in kind is likely to be the best deterrent”. It was a statement of intent that few Western governments have been prepared to make so explicitly.


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