Be More personal With One to One Emails

by Jeena Jeeva - December 20, 2019
Be More personal With One to One Emails

Can you tell what messages your sales teams are sending to your leads and contacts? Did you know there is a way that you can track this? Continue reading to find out how One to One emails can help you.

What are they?

A One to One email is an email template type in Pardot that Sales can use to message their leads/contacts from Salesforce.

Sales users can therefore send out marketing approved emails straight from Salesforce, so they no longer have to go to their email account to send them out.

Another great thing about using One to One emails is that they are tracked in Pardot! That means you can gain additional insight about your prospects interests. Also the tracking allows you to see the full marketing cycle without losing any activity history.

How to set them up

The templates are created in the same way as any other email templates in Pardot. You just need to ensure that on creation the email is marked to use for ‘One to One’ emails.


Once the email template has been published, it will be available for Sales to select in Salesforce. They can then send to their lead or contact directly.

Follow these steps to add ‘Send Pardot email’ button to Salesforce.


When Sales select to send a Pardot email they have the option to pick an email template. The dropdown provides a list of all the email templates they can use.




As best practice these email templates should be as simple as possible. Keep them looking like a personal email sent from Sales and not like they are marketing emails. Generally, keeping your logo and email footer from your marketing templates, and adding personalisation to the content will work well.

Note: Remember to archive any email templates you no longer want Sales to send. Archiving the email will remove it from the email list in Salesforce.


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