B2B Marketing on a Budget: How to Succeed as a Small Business

by Sarah Kelleher - July 06, 2017
B2B Marketing on a Budget: How to Succeed as a Small Business

B2B marketing is expensive, right? Well, not always. There are ways to use the tools and resources around you to create some exceptional marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

As a small business and a marketing automation consultancy, Nebula have some good experience in this area. Great content, user group events, social media and email marketing have shown real success for us as a business without having to splash the often eye-watering budgets required for display advertising.

Day in, day out, we advise out customers on how to get the best return from Pardot and the content they’ve invested in. And it really does work. Evergreen content (non time-sensitive material) such as recorded webinars, infographics and whitepapers can stretch a long way when you make sure they are targeted to a relevant audience at the relevant point in the buying cycle.

Establishing yourself as a knowledgable ‘trusted advisor’ in your field goes a long way in being top of mind for your audience. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Video content, particularly ‘how-to’ episodes, can be very easily put together and has great presence on digital platforms.

And, of course, using your marketing automation platform to its full extent will really help make the most of that marketing budget. There’s so many exciting and smart opportunities for communicating with prospects and customers.

By making sensible technology decisions and making sure you have good, reusable content that is relevant to your audience, a little can go a long way in the world of B2B Marketing for small businesses.


With technology being so prevalent today, the digital marketing landscape offers numerous creative and affordable ways to marketing your business and increase brand awareness. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns in order to rise above the competition and stand out in your industry.

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