Assessing Salesforce’s platform and ecosystem

by Jack Bailey-Grundy - October 13, 2016
Assessing Salesforce’s platform and ecosystem

This is a really good “state-of-the-union-roundup” of where Salesforce is right now. A top-10 position in the tech industry, impressive growth and doing it’s best to answer the critics of public cloud technology.

The blend of off-the-shelf functionality and apps, supplemented by an ever growing array of partner-built apps makes it the market leader in CRM by a long way.

We love seeing the new, high quality functionality that Salesforce continually come out with, and with the likes of Einstein and AI, we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


simplicity is a new focus for the company in the face of the growing complexity of its market, its customers, and its products. [Marc] Benioff pointedly said on stage last week in San Francisco, “We want to take all the complex things in the world and make them easy.” That’s a technology vision that most organizations could get behind today.


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