Amazing Video Content with Wistia in Pardot

by Noorbanu Muraj - August 14, 2019
Amazing Video Content with Wistia in Pardot

Think YouTube and Vimeo are the only video hosting options? Guess again. Introducing Wistia, a worthy contender. Find out how you can video content and integrate it with Pardot.

What is Wistia?

Wistia is a video hosting and analytics company that provides video hosting solutions, which allows businesses to access and host all their videos in one secure location. 

Wistia helps customers add video to their website and track its performance from a marketing perspective, which enables you to customise videos to match your brand, increase website traffic through video SEO and generate new, engaged leads for business growth. 

Through the powerful analytics that track audience behaviour, Wistia provides help to improve existing videos as well as identify what makes better content for future videos. Get insight on who is watching your video, how much they’ve been watching and which ones are providing the most value to your business.

As a result, using Wistia means you maintain ownership and control over your content. 

Integration with Pardot 

Wistia integrates with many other marketing automation platforms, with Pardot being one. 

With the Wistia-Pardot integration you can:

  • Generate new leads from your videos
  • See how prospects are watching all the videos on your website
  • Score leads based on video viewing data
  • Use video and email together in marketing harmony
  • Set up workloads to ensure each prospect receive timely, relevant communications based on video interactions

Once the Wistia Connecter is enabled, every one of your videos will be tracked and displayed in Pardot. 

How to Connect Wistia and Pardot

Setting up Wistia in Pardot is easy. Just follow these simple steps. Start using them together to execute a video-driven marketing automation strategy!  

Wistia Turnstiles

Use Wistia turnstiles to collect email addresses before, during, or after video plays. Pardot will automatically create these prospects and record conversions.

When visitors fill out a turnstile form, Pardot looks for a prospect with a matching email address. When a matching email is found, Pardot associates the Wistia activities to that prospect record. However, if multiple prospects have the same email address, Pardot associates the Wistia activities to the prospect with the most recent “Last Activity” field value.


Wistia Video in Email Campaigns 

Excite your audience by including Wistia video thumbnails in your email campaigns. In order to add a video thumbnail link to an email campaign, follow this process.


NOTE! The connector works with Wistia’s Advanced and Premium plans.


  1. Performance – With the Wistia connector enabled you can view reports on all Wistia embedded videos in Pardot
  2. Targeting & Segmentation – Create lists from your video reports on all prospects who watched a certain video
  3. Analytics – Wistia provides one of the best analytics across all other video hosting platforms
  4. SEO – Wistia works well for SEO as you can embed keywords into your videos
  5. Lead Generation – Implement forms on your Wistia forms to capture leads
  6. Video Activity Tracking and Heat Maps – Use the two types of Pardot activities in your scoring strategy:
    1. Video plays: A visitor or prospect clicks the play button on an embedded video
    2. Viewing more than 75% of a video: Someone watched at least ¾ of a video, which shows significant engagement


  1. Price – To integrate the Wistia connector with Pardot you must purchase Wistia’s Advanced or Premium plans
  2. Wistia is strictly a video hosting platform. Unlike other platforms, such as Youtube, there is no way for your audience to watch your videos back to back.

If you’ve been looking into Wistia and want to integrate it in your Pardot org, contact us today!

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