What did you miss at the Salesforce World Tour 2018?

by Jack Bailey-Grundy - May 23, 2018
What did you miss at the Salesforce World Tour 2018?

Once again, the Salesforce World Tour rolled into town last week with 12,000 people making the annual pilgrimage to the East End of London.

With a keynote session promoting the very best of Salesforce’s Ohana culture, it was clear that this year Salesforce’s dedication to Trust, Growth, Innovation and Equality was being placed front and centre. From hosting a carbon neutral event, to a promise to eradicate the gender pay gap, Salesforce’s commitment to their corporate responsibilities were an impressive sight to behold.

But this wasn’t an event short on innovation – with announcements re-confirming Salesforce’s partnerships with the likes of IBM and Google along with the recently announced acquisition of Mulesoft – giving a sense of the power and technological might of Salesforce as it aims to bring the best in class across AI, Integrations  and Analytics as well as the core Platform of choice.

And it was a triumph for Lightning – not just as the platform underpinning Salesforce’s Clouds – but firmly establishing itself as the way forward for clients to build a responsive system that is tailored to their needs. We anticipate a number of customers looking at migrating to a Lightning experience in the forthcoming months.

The biggest surprise for me is just how much Einstein functionality is directly built in to Salesforce ready for lightning users to get their hands on – with an Einstein Readiness Report to help you get up and running.

“Blaze your Trail” was the message of the day – and as Trailhead develops itself into a full training platform – with MyTrailhead and Trailmixes allowing you develop bespoke training pathways for your team, you’ll have no problem following this intruction.

As always at the World Tour there are so many new features, announcements and things to try out for yourself – we’ll be doing our best to pick out the best bits over the coming weeks.

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