Salesforce 1st XV

by Doug Gardner - September 23, 2019
Salesforce 1st XV

With the start of the  Rugby World Cup 2019, we have come up with a Salesforce Rugby XV. There was a lot of discussion, but we believe that this team could take on any other system to chase the egg and come out on top.

1 – Big Object (eg. Os du Randt)

With the ability to take on the big jobs and solve big problems, Big Objects are a classic choice at loose head prop. Getting some experience and loving the tactical nature of the number 1 shirt.

2 – Workflow Rules (eg. Rory Best)

Having been on the scene for a while, Workflow Rules form the basis of many an org. They are great in those set play conditions and need to be reliable if you want the org to function well.    

3 – Profiles (eg. Mako Vunipola (yes I know he often plays in a 1 shirt))

Often referred to as the cornerstone of a side, profiles control who sees what and where. You can’t argue with them (unless you’re a permission set), they will either lift you up or tear you down.

4 – Condition Builder (eg. Martin Johnson)

New to the scene (Winter ’20) and still not locked in at the moment but full of potential to be the main enforcer for the side, just like Mr Johnson. You can’t hide from this guy even if you’re logged in as someone else.

5 – Apex (eg. Courtney Lawes)

The modern lock is everywhere with a long reach. They will tackle anything and pop out of a maul with a ball you were sure was lost. Apex is unquestionably perfect in the boiler house as it will often provide the edge that destroys opposition. 

6 – Sales Cloud (c) (eg. Francois Pienaar)

Every team needs a solid, reliable blind side. We have gone for a heavily experienced option here. Sales Cloud is found everywhere and tackles anything, it is also the captain of the side due to its involvement in everything and fitness levels.

7 – CPQ (eg. David Pocock)

CPQ may have been brought in as a marquee signing but it is well integrated now. Quite fashionable at the moment due to innate ability to get its hands and head into difficult places.

8 – Data Loader (eg. Martin Corry (who also happens to be a Salesforce Director))

To get over the gain line you need good data. Data Loader is how you ensure this – solid, reliable, maintains a steady pace and is very hard to bring down.

9 – Chatter (eg. Matt Dawson)

Despite heavy competition from the more involved Service Cloud and extremely reliable Junction Objects, Chatter talked us round with its knowledge of what is going on everywhere and simplicity of roll out.

10 – Einstein (eg. Dan Carter)

The best fly halves in the world don’t just see the basic reports, they see the patterns and how to manipulate them. Einstein may seem young to some but its ability to devise action plans is unparalleled, there is nothing better in this vital position.

11 – Flows (eg. David Campese)

Some wings are everywhere, some appear out of nowhere. Flows have been accused of being a bit slippery but they can be very quick and dynamic. They are also happy to take the praise even if they often get the blame, just like classic wings throughout time.      

12 – Process Builder (eg. Brian O’Driscoll)

Process builder will run headlong into any problem and has a great off-loading game. It was pushed heavily for the role by Trailhead but Process Builder’s ability to be fully in the system gave it the edge.

13 – Dashboards (eg. Jonathan Joseph)

Outside centre is an interesting position, it needs to be quick, dynamic and have great defence. It should also provide opportunities for others and not be afraid to get into contact(s). Dashboards offer all of this and more.        

14 – Lightning (eg. Jason Robinson)

You probably knew this was coming, with its flashy footwork and priority in the roadmap there really was no other option on the wing.

15 – Pardot (e.g Stuart Hogg (my director is Scottish))

At the back, you need someone able to intercept when needed, quick on their feet and fully integrated. Pardot is guaranteed to be those stable hands and promises not to drop the ball.


Let us know if you would switch any of these out or if you have any ideas for the ‘finishers’. For instance, App Exchange presented a good argument for the no. 10 shirt but was better suited in a coaching role. 


Acknowledgement to Samurai for the Shirt image. 

Acknowledgement to Team Pro for the Team sheet image.

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