Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

by Paul Kissick - June 05, 2018
Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

Looking to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience? A new tool from Salesforce could help speed this along for you.

Javascript buttons have long been used by admins and developers alike to simplify record creation or other processes within Salesforce, but with introduction of Lightning Experience, Salesforce decided not to support or allow these within the new UI. Lots of customisations would now be unavailable for users within Lightning Experience.

This new tool will look at your orgs custom buttons and suggest and even convert these into usable Lightning versions, a great timesaver for companies looking to migrate.


The Lightning Experience Configuration Converter recreates your org’s JavaScript buttons as Lightning components, quick actions, or other solutions — all without touching your original buttons. Before committing to any changes, you can preview the new component code or declarative steps and verify that the alternatives work as expected.

This tool currently converts some (but not all) JavaScript buttons that implement “url-hacks.” (If you’re not familiar with the term, a “url-hack” is how the community refers to a URL that sets predefined values.) This is the most common use case for JavaScript buttons. The Configuration Converter recreates these buttons as either quick actions, Lightning component actions, or custom buttons or links, based on what the JavaScript code is doing. JavaScript buttons can have varying degrees of complexity. Currently, the tool supports simpler “url-hack” implementations.


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