Working the Nebula Way

by Kathryn Manzai - July 08, 2019
Working the Nebula Way

Why Have Values?

Being transparent and open is integral in business, and sharing your values is one way to achieve this. It allows customers to see how you work and what you stand for. Doing this demonstrates the consistency in your approach to you work. Customers are therefore more likely to want to work with you.

Values can also feed into your workplace culture, and having a shared culture brings employees together and is vital for company success. Having these values also help everyone be on the same page and understand each other, as well as sharing a core method of working. This in turn translates to how you deal with your customers.

The Nebula Values


Our customers trust us to deliver the right solution for them, in their best interests and no-one else’s. We are a “trusted advisor” to our customers and act as an extension of their team.



An open and transparent, two-way relationship with our customers is key to success. working side by side with our customers, we ensure efficient solutions, maximum adoption and value for investment.



Each customer is unique and we appreciate the need for detailed understanding of a business to deliver a tailored, best-fit solution. We work closely with customers to ensure agile, stable and successful outcomes.



We believe that our customers should be empowered to control their own systems and our solutions are designed with this in mind. Ultimately, our customers’ success is our success and this is at the heart of it all.



What are your company values? Do you and your team follow them every day? If not, why not? Get your team motivated by putting your values up around the office, doing a presentation about them to drum up the morale, and never be too shy to shout them from the rooftops – a great set of values puts you on the right path, every time!

If you have any questions, never hesitate to get in touch with team Nebula!

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