What we thought about Salesforce World Tour

by Nicola Hodd - May 20, 2016
What we thought about Salesforce World Tour

An Aston Martin DB11 ordered and delivered on-site within minutes, a robot signing for its own installation and morphsuits a plenty, it could only be another Salesforce World Tour London!

With over 40 breakout sessions and thousands of attendees it was a hectic, fun-packed day with plenty of insightful, inspirational and key learnings to take away from the day.

The main theme running throughout much of the content was promoting customer-centric, customer-focused organisationsand of course Salesforce.com and it’s many other components or applications can help you do just that. In the age of the customer, it’s all about connecting with them in timely, relevant and meaningful ways across multiple devices and channels.

So as another Salesforce World Tour London passes us by, we wanted to share our best bits with you – summing up the day in one word and telling you what we learnt or liked the most.

Nick Clark, Director
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Insight
Salesforce is maturing in the marketplace. It was good to see that the focus was on iterative development of an already powerful system rather than headline grabbing features. Lightning is coming on well and will be the interface of choice for many. Personally I’m excited about some of the analytics packages coming along which should solve some of the most important reporting questions that we get asked by customers.

James Campbell, Director
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Ecosystem
The Salesforce World Tour demonstrates just how expansive and comprehensive the Salesforce ecosystem has become.  The ecosystem does not only refer to the range of Salesforce products and 3rd party applications which integrate so seamlessly with the platform, but also the brilliant admins, developers and consultants that make the magic happen.

Sarah Cottingham, Senior Consultant
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Community
The event had such a wide-reaching and diverse atmosphere in terms of the businesses and industries represented. My key takeaway was the importance of being the trusted advisor, whether that’s as an admin, a developer or a strategic consultant. There is a huge wealth of support and resource available in the Success Community and Trailhead, which provide an excellent opportunity to learn from industry leaders and share those best practices.

Jack Grundy, Senior Consultant
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Customer
The customer has been at the heart of Salesforce for a number of years now, but no more so than this year. And customers have to be at the heart of everything we do too – from proactively helping with new solutions for their business requirements, to better organising our own processes, allowing us to respond and react to people who reach out to us.

Sacha Kissous, Consultant
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Giving back
The event seemed to be driven by the desire to give back to the Salesforce Community. Giving back knowledge, giving back best practices and giving back experience. Most of the speakers reflected that desire by explaining how their business uses Salesforce.com, how it helped them take part in the digital revolution and generating real-time data to provide customers the most personalised experience.

Nicola Eagling, Consultant
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Connected
With a focus on the customer, it was great to see so many tools and technologies that help to connect the dots between different interactions, devices and touchpoints that customers have with brands. I think the upcoming developments with Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio and Pardot’s Engagement Studio are particularly exciting and are helping businesses get even more connected with their customers at the right time, with the right content.

Kerry Watt, Consultant
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Insight
Salesforce continues to be a proven platform for businesses across all sectors. In an ever changing and competitive world, the customer’s thirst for insightful information is key in order to add value to their business and better serve their customers. The event demonstrated that Salesforce is investing in new ways for customers to be able to interpret their information making it easier for them to go from pure FACTS, to INSIGHT, to ACTION, using data across all devices.

Aidan Harding, Head of Development
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Lightning
Many of the new features look impressive and modern, but are Lightning-only. The next release has Lightning filling out some of the features which have always been available in classic; and the road map shows some important developer details coming soon.  So with this in mind, we’ll be able to consider moving some of our customers, even those with lots of customisation, over to Lightning.

Rob Bedding, Developer
Sum up Salesforce World Tour in one word: Ohana
With many displays of varying and unique functionality created by an eclectic range of people, it really shows how this platform integrates with every business to achieve different goals, whilst progressing the community to a highly dynamic market sector.

salesforce world tour 2016

So that’s another year and another Salesforce World Tour London, we’re already excited to see what next year brings!

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