The Future of B2B Marketing is a ‘digital mesh’

by Sarah Kelleher - November 17, 2016
The Future of B2B Marketing is a ‘digital mesh’

It may seem like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but AI, augmented reality, virtual reality and intelligent apps are all very real. From maps that automatically tell you where to eat nearby, to payment apps that alert you with offers when you enter a shop, there is a strong trend towards hyper-personalised marketing built into to the technology that we use 24/7.

There is a huge opportunity for companies to learn so much about their customers and offer real value by tailoring their interactions with them. But there’s also a fine line between personalisation and invading personal space.

It’s a really exciting time for technology and marketing, and the opportunities are seemingly endless. There’s certainly plenty to watch out for in 2017 as brands embrace these new trends.


“Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future. Rich digital services will be delivered to everything, and intelligence will be embedded in everything behind the scenes. We call this mesh of people, devices, content and services the intelligent digital mesh,”

Top 10 B2B marketing trends for 2017 make up a ‘digital mesh,’ report suggests


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