Take these email marketing tips into the new year with you

by Jack Bailey-Grundy - December 28, 2016
Take these email marketing tips into the new year with you

51 essential tips – that seems like a lot of tips to digest and put into practice.

But actually, these tips and tricks are really simple to do – and really can help your marketing efforts.

But these 51 tips boil down to 3 key things in my mind:

Plan: What do you want to do – both in terms of internal processes and to give your customers the best experience possible. Think about frequency and timing – there’s no hard and fast rules, but be clear on your goals and reasoning – and don’t forget to communicate this internally and externally….

Communicate: As mentioned above – Making sure relevant teams know what marketing emails are going out, and what to look out for. For customers, make sure you are giving them relevant information, and what you want them to do with it and be clear about how often they can expect to receive this information.

Evaluate: You’re unlikely to come up with the perfect marketing campaign at the first go. So evaluate – check your response rates, both good and bad. Tweak segmentation to deliver the optimum message at the right time to your customers. Gain feedback from people at the front line – are your Sales teams having conversations about the messages you are sending out, or is there a disconnect between the two?

51 tips seem like a lot, but breaking down techniques into small manageable chunks that you can test and evaluate will help you get the most out of your marketing automation. You could even challenge yourself in 2017 to implement one a week, and still have a break for Christmas!


Marketing automation tools save marketers a lot of time – but there are so many more benefits beyond that. These tools also let us gather insights about how our subscribers are consuming and interacting with our messages.


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