Summer’20 Einstein Analytics Release Highlights

by Chris Taylor - June 08, 2020
Summer’20 Einstein Analytics Release Highlights

We are not far off the Salesforce Summer’20 release (currently scheduled for mid-July). Although the core Salesforce platform features usually grab the headlines, it is another big release for Einstein Analytics.

So what features do we have coming very soon (already in sandboxes)?

The next generation of Data Prep

Currently, to create datasets in Einstein Analytics, you can use Dataflows or Recipes. Both tools have their benefits with Recipes having a more visual interface where you can preview your data, and dataflows having more powerful transformation capabilities.

The next version of data prep (being released as Beta for Summer’20) brings the best of both worlds together. This will become the ultimate data prep tool. Although this feature is only a beta release, it is a big one that will have a positive impact on anybody building datasets.

So what does data prep 3.0 bring?

  • A graphical interface that brings a Salesforce lightning look and feel. (It even remembers the position of you transformation nodes unlike dataflows).
  • Dataset preview giving you the ability to preview the outcome of your transformations without having to run each time.
  • Putting the Einstein into Einstein Analytics. You can detect the sentiment of text giving a Positive, Neutral and Negative outcome. Einstein will also be able to predict missing values.

Data Prep 3.0 Demo

So what does this mean for users? Anybody that builds datasets will know it can be a timely process. This new familiar interface that gives you the ability to do advanced transformations, without writing any code, will not only speed up the process of building datasets but ensure they are more accurate and intelligent.

Einstein Analytics roadmap

This is only the beginning of the new data prep tool. Data prep plans to replace both dataflows and recipes, along with bringing additional capabilities not currently available. So watch this space! We are excited for what the future brings.

Blend data in the explorerEinstein Analytics Data Blends

Now generally available. You can combine data from multiple datasets in a single query from the explorer window. Previously, to blend data from various datasets, you would have to create a new dataset or use SAQL.

This feature gives you the ability to combine up to four datasets. Each dataset can be joined using either left, right, inner, or outer blends. The chosen blend will determine how much data from each dataset will be available in your query.

Dynamic text

Interactions (previously known as bindings) are a staple of Einstein Analytics. Many people are not aware that you can use bindings on text as well as numbers. This really powerful feature is becoming simpler. You can now create dynamic text without having to write any code.

Dynamic text helps bring more context to your dashboard by updating text values from the results in your queries or selections made by the user.

Einstein Analytics vs Code ExtensionVS Code Icon

Salesforce has recently been making a big push to move more developers into Visual Studio Code (VS Code). As Salesforce change the way developers use the platform. Now Einstein Analytics is getting its own extension to help support with development tasks.

The new extension is designed to help developers build analytics templates by supporting the formatting of code, speeding up the process of checking errors, and listing available options.


Einstein Analytics has come a long way since its acquisition by Salesforce. We are pleased to see that there is a lot of focus going into the development of the platform. It is no surprise that more customers are looking into Einstein Analytics as a way to improve their reporting capabilities.

If you are looking to start taking advantage of these new features or looking to start your Einstein Analytics journey, why not get in touch with one of our Einstein Analytics experts.

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