Salesforce World Tour 2019

by Jeena Jeeva - May 28, 2019
Salesforce World Tour 2019

This year was my first time attending Salesforce World Tour 2019 in London.

Having heard a lot about this well established Salesforce event, I was very excited and intrigued to see what this year’s event would have to offer.


As soon as I walked into the London Excel and started to queue for security, it felt like you were going to be attending something very extraordinary.

It was great to see how much focus was put on Trailblazer and education. I earned several badges on the day, and feel it is a great way to learn the system. Plus it helps build up skills and knowledge.


There were so many opportunities for networking during the day. Seeing so many partners and companies were great. I was able to explore how others are using Salesforce and find new ways/features that can help my clients.

Having access to the Partner Cafe was a great place to meet up with my clients at different times during the the day. It also turned into a base for me and my colleagues to catch up and swap information.


Attending both the Keynote sessions did not disappoint!

Paul Smith, EVP and General Manager UK was a great speaker and very engaging, he had the audience’s attention throughout.

My highlight from the first Keynote session, was Pink’s example of how they are using Salesforce to bring their company in the modern digital world within retail. It was very interesting to see how a retailer has used Salesforce to bring so many aspects together and seeing a live demo of the features was great.

Finding out about how Salesforce are helping young children and various charities was lovely to hear, they are our future, so it is good to see a top company is doing what they can to help them improve their future.

The end keynote was the done with the same theme of education and growing your knowledge. Having David Walliams discuss his career and how he feels very strongly to help young people was a great way to end the day and complete the theme.


There was a wide range of swag, from the usual pens to cordless chargers, to water bottles and fidget cubes. This was a great device for attracting people to the many different stands.

Attendees were also able to get hold of a Cloudy toy (Salesforce character) by earning a badge through trailblazer.  This was a great way of encouraging delegates to start learning the system and improving their knowledge.

As well as all the sway companies were using social media to encourage delegates to interact with them as the day went a long. A great example of this was being asked to come up with a name for a dragon, the best name would then win one. Our very own Sarah was the lucky winner of the dragon!

Overall I really enjoyed the day even though my feet would beg to differ… I even took Kerry’s advice!

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