Operational emails in Pardot

by Nick Clark - October 11, 2016
Operational emails in Pardot

Nebula has been working more and more with companies looking to centralise all of their customer communications inside Salesforce.  When messages are being sent from your website, separate SMS gateways and other back end systems it is easy to loose that all important single view of your customer.  This communication needs to be central to your CRM. It holds vital commercial value and should be in the control of Sales & Marketing departments.  Ask us about our product developments in this area.


When prospects unsubscribe from your marketing emails, it is possible that they still should receive other non-marketing communications. By default, Pardot will not send emails to prospects who are marked as opted out.

Pardot’s operational emails feature allows for Pardot Administrators to send list emails to be sent to all prospects on a given list, including those who have opted out of marketing emails. This feature also disables the unsubscribe/email preference page link requirement from your list email (the unsubscribe or email preference page link will still be required in all marketing emails).

This feature is intended only for use with non-marketing emails. Pardot’s permission-based marketing policy requires that all prospects who are sent marketing emails through Pardot have opted in to receiving marketing emails from you.


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