One date you won’t want to miss!

by Kerry Watt - October 20, 2016
One date you won’t want to miss!

6pm Tues London meet up said the email, another date! Is he going to be tall, dark and handsome? Actually it really doesn’t matter because this isn’t a normal date. Through meetup, each month a community of Salesforce people (who are the lifeline for businesses, setting up and administrating their Salesforce platform) have the opportunity to get together to chat, share experiences/challenges and discuss what’s new in the world of Salesforce.

So if you are new to Salesforce or an expert (like me!) then why not try a new type of date this month!


Whether you are a member of an in-house team or employed as an external consultant, we all have something in common. That is, keeping up to date with a continually evolving platform and the need to learn and share our experiences of best practice.


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