More ‘Out of the box’ Community Themes

by Paul Kissick - June 11, 2018
More ‘Out of the box’ Community Themes

When Lightning Communities were first introduced back in October 2015, there was only one theme available, Napili. This was great because it was a simple responsive theme with a few customisable options.

Since then, customers have asked for more features and Salesforce has delivered these, such as custom branding, but until recently there was still only on Lightning based theme available.

With Summer 18, Salesforce have introduced 4 more themes to the palette. This gives customers more options and configurable areas than ever before.


With pre-built themes for Lightning Communities in Summer’18, any customer, partner, or developer can create visually stunning experiences in Lightning Community Builder with access to more controls and tools. Summer ’18 and the roadmap for Winter ’19 are the next steps in a journey to make building beautiful experiences in Lightning Communities seamless for developers and admins. In this blog post, you will learn about the underlying technology powering our theming engine, the building blocks of our new pre-built themes, and best practices for developers to adopt.


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