Measuring email marketing effectiveness

by Nick Clark - November 05, 2016
Measuring email marketing effectiveness

You might be wondering if email is still effective. The answer is a loud and resounding yes! In fact, email is growing. According to the Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing Report, 49% of marketers say email is directly linked to their business’ primary revenue source — a notable jump from the 20% of marketers who said the same in 2015. But how are successful email marketing ninjas optimising this investment for success?


Simply put, you need to set goals. By having a clear goal and measurable criteria for success it is easier to understand what can be classed as a good result or where there are areas for improvement. Jim Sterne says it best:

“Without clear goals, there’s no need to measure anything; without measuring, there’s no way to know if the work you’re doing is helping to achieve your goals.”


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