Marketers: What digital investments you need to make next year

by Sarah Kelleher - December 22, 2016
Marketers: What digital investments you need to make next year

Looking ahead to 2017, marketers should really be focused on technology. There have been huge advances in how marketers can leverage new technology to better connect with customers.

The three key areas to guide your budget and investment planning should be:

  • Mobile sites must be king – it’s no longer a cool feature of your site, a mobile site is a hygiene factor and without you will fall behind your competitorsDon’t jump on tech bandwagons – some tech is very flashy, but if you can’t or won’t use it effectively then focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Think customer first – with so much information at customers’ fingertips, it has never been more important for marketers to be targeted, personalised and timely with their communications

In our Digital Disruptors report we found that 36% of businesses don’t have a mobile site. With over four out of five UK adults now owning a smartphone this simply can’t be the case moving into 2017.


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