Key Takeaways From Salesforce Summer ‘18!

by Kerry Watt - June 25, 2018
Key Takeaways From Salesforce Summer ‘18!

The Salesforce Summer ‘18 release is now officially live! Excited? I am because every release is packed with hundreds of new features; and the best part?

Many of these new features come straight from suggestions by YOU, the Salesforce customer base. In fact, over 63 ideas from the IdeaExchange have been delivered in this release retiring over 336,270 points. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting features now live:

Send List Emails to Campaign Members – Marketing users can now save time and effort by sending list emails directly to members of a campaign. The emails appear in the campaign’s activity time line and are associated to the campaign record.

Do More with Tasks from the List View – Users can do much more with tasks now that they can see a list view. Built-in list view filters let users find tasks quickly, columns are sortable, and users can apply filters to narrow down what they see. The Kanban view lets users view tasks by status with users able to drag a task to change the status. With the split view, users have the full list of tasks available when drilling down on one task.

Manage Lightning Email Templates in One Place – Create, edit, clone, and delete your Lightning email templates — all from the Email Templates page.

Send List Emails to Campaigns and Campaign Members – Sales reps can add campaigns and individual campaign members as their list email recipients, expanding their reach to customers. The list email appears on the activity timeline for the recipient and the recipient’s account, and optionally on the campaign. Logging list emails gives your company a 360-degree view of email activity.

Chart Enhancements for Dashboards in Lightning Experience – Visualizing business data is understanding business data and the improved dashboard charts help you to see it better. Horizontal bar charts now show the chatter photos to add a touch of personality to them. Choose what makes most sense for your data by displaying values in charts in the Display Units settings. See the values of peaks and valleys on line charts without hovering.

Products: Work with Schedules in Lightning Experience – With product schedules fully available in Lightning Experience, reps can now do it all in one place. Establish, update, and delete revenue and quantity schedules on opportunities without leaving Lightning Experience. If you’ve been waiting on product schedules to switch users to Lightning Experience, the time has arrived.

Export Reports, Keep the Formatting – Sometimes sharing your reports with others means exporting them to Microsoft® Excel®. When you export your reports, the formatting you worked so hard on now stays intact. The exported report also includes column summaries and totals.

Override the Sender for Approval Request Email Notifications – By default, the sender for email notifications about approval requests is the user who submitted for approval. Now you can override the sender with an organization-wide address, like, from your process automation settings.

This is just a highlight of some of the features now available to you. There is a whole host more which you can find all of the details of here. If like me, you find the release notes overwhelming, take a look at some of the community blogs below to see other people’s top features…

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