Key Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For

by Dorottya Dvorak - September 06, 2017
Key Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For

Now that summer has gone by (along with the sunny warm days), our lives as marketers became busier than ever. With events and big projects happening in autumn there will be plenty projects to plan, manage and execute through the next couple of months for all of us.

However, there will be a few hours to rest and some of us might begin to wonder, what will be the biggest trend in digital marketing, that’s gonna affect how we communicate with our customers and promote our brand to the world.

This recent article from Forbes represents the key digital marketing trends they believe we need to prepare for, including the issue of talent gap, importance of social media, rise of video marketing and the efficiency of in-store marketing.

What do you think will be the biggest innovation in digital marketing?


Classically-trained marketers can help their brands rise above the noise by acquiring new digital skills. And younger, less-experienced practitioners can improve their contributions by learning the basics of marketing so they can apply core principles in creative ways.

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