It’s Not Too Late to Opt-In Your Marketing Database!

by Nicola Hodd - April 25, 2018
It’s Not Too Late to Opt-In Your Marketing Database!

In preparation for GDPR, we’ve been asked a lot about how best to opt-in prospects prior to the regulations coming into force. Hopefully, you’ve already started to opt-in new prospects via your webforms, but what about those that were already in your database? The question of whether you have the right to continue to email these prospects should be discussed with your legal team and following their advice you should segment the proportion of your database who currently have no opt-in.

What next? Send them an opt-in campaign to try and get their explicit consent to continue receiving your marketing communications (please note, that taking no action would also imply that they have not chosen to explicitly opt-in). What you’ll be left with is a highly engaged and opted-in database in which to send your amazing marketing campaigns and content to.

Of course we want the conversion rate of these emails to be high so the content and messaging is key. The emails should be clear, simple and relatively short (hyperlink away to long privacy policies) with an obvious call-to-action to remain opted-in. Don’t forget that this is also a chance to sell your brand so give it some personality and show what they would be missing out on if they choose not to opt-in.

See below for a great collection of opt-in campaign emails  to give you some inspiration.

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