Is social CRM for you?

by James Campbell - February 15, 2017
Is social CRM for you?

This article talks about Traditional Vs Social CRM both as a strategy and a technology. In all honesty, all CRM technologies should be focusing a decent proportion of their R&D budget on social capbailities – any that are not are unlikely to be around much longer.

It is important to not overlook the potential importance of social CRM for your organisation – if your customers and competitors are already having social conversations, then you are already playing catch up.

Investing a lot of time, money and effort in social CRM is not right for every business as it very much depends on the products/services you offer and the audience you are trying to reach.

How much of your CRM’s social capabilities you use should be carefully planned and you should certainly not do something just because your CRM allows you to do it. We are always telling our customers ‘let your strategy drive the technology’ and not the other way around.


Adopting social CRM and implementing social CRM software is a formidable undertaking on its face, and it’s not for the faint of heart, as it requires serious commitment.


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