Is it time to Spring Clean your Pardot Account?

by Nicola Hodd - April 06, 2018
Is it time to Spring Clean your Pardot Account?

Now that Spring has sprung and the sunshine is finally starting to make an appearance, there is no better time to clear out your clutter and tidy up that bulging wardrobe. And your Pardot account is no different!Whether you’ve been using Pardot for 3 months or 3 years, over time your account can become full of old templates, inactive prospects or inaccurate information.

There are many ways you can keep on top of your Pardot Account to make sure you continue to run a successful Marketing Automation system – see below for our top tips.

Sending Emails

  • Are your email domains authenticated? This gives Pardot permission to send emails from your domain and ensure they don’t end up in the spam filters. Check whether your email domains are verified by going to Admin > Overview
    Pardot email authentication

  • Are your emails mobile-friendly? Pardot has some great responsive email designs that render well across multiple devices. See Our guide to the best Pardot email templates here and start using them for your campaigns.
  • Are you using Engagement Studio? There are many lead nurture campaigns that you could look to run on both new and existing prospects – see 11 Must-Try Lead Nurturing Campaigns from the Pardot blog here.


  • Are your forms optimised for conversions? There are a few things you can do to help increase conversions on your forms:
    1. Ask for a suitable number of fields in relation to what the prospect is going to receive i.e. a prospect may be willing to give more information if the content they are looking to download is a high-value research paper.
    2. Customise your Submit button text to include a compelling call-to-action. Relate it to what the prospect is going to get by submitting their details.
    3. Style your forms so they are easy for the prospect to enter information and click on the all important Submit button. You can ask a designer to help you style your forms using CSS and a Layout Template in Pardot.
      Pardot form styling

  • Are you opting-in new prospects according to the upcoming GDPR guidelines? Read our article How to Create an Opt-In Field on Your Pardot Forms here.
  • Are you using progressive profiling? If you have multiple forms on your website or Pardot landing pages, you could use progressive profiling to increase the amount of data that you collect over time. Read our previous blog post Improve Form Conversion Rates with Progressive Profiling here.

Syncing with Salesforce

  • Check for any Sync Errors between your prospect records and the corresponding Salesforce record by going to Admin, Connectors and Salesforce. The most common reasons for syncing errors are due to validation rules in Salesforce i.e. if a field is mandatory on creation of a lead or a field has particular picklist values, then Pardot will be subject to the same data entry validation.
    Pardot Sync Errors
  • Audit how and where you are getting new sources of data. Are you collecting or importing data with consistent values? Do they match your validation rules in Salesforce?
  • Ensure you add any new sales reps to your Pardot Account so that the prospect assignments remain in sync i.e. if Joe Bloggs owns a lead in Salesforce, he should also own the prospect in Pardot.


  • Personalisation and targeting starts with data – do you know what you need to know about your prospects in order to personalise their journey? Consider what would be useful to know – can you start including that field on forms or secretly update their profile based on what you assume? i.e. if a prospect is on a particular product page when they enquire, you could update their Product Interest field using Javascript.
  • Make use of mail merge values in emails (variable tags such as %%first_name%%) or dynamic content based on their industry or topic interests.
    Pardot email example
  • Consider which content is most useful to your prospects depending on their industry, job title or role in the decision-making process. Re-purpose existing content or create smaller bite-size chunks of content to see how your prospects engage with it before you commission any new pieces of content.   

Lead Qualification

  • Are you using scoring to qualify your leads? Create an automation rule to set a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’ threshold and assign to a user, group, queue or Salesforce assignment rule
    Pardot assignment rule
  • What if inactive leads still have a high score? Decay score over a period of time if a prospect has been inactive for over a year.
    Pardot decay score
  • Start to think about grading so that you can begin to prioritise your leads on not only how interested they are in you (i.e. score) but also how interested you are in them (i.e. grade). See more at the Scoring & Grading Lab from Pardot here.

Account management

  • Moved office? Got a new Pardot Administrator? Make sure your account details are up-to-date by navigating to your Account Settings and ensuring that Service Notifications are going to the right person.
  • If you are using ’Assigned User’ or ‘User’ mail merge values in your email templates, then make sure your sales reps details are correct in their user settings. Navigate to Admin > User Management and Users to check their details.
    Pardot sender personalisation
  • Check that your third-party connectors are verified by going to Admin > Connectors. Any that are unverified will require up-to-date log-in credentials.

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