Integrate your Social Marketing with Pardot

by Dorottya Dvorak - July 28, 2021
Integrate your Social Marketing with Pardot

Social marketing connectors have been around for a long time, allowing marketers to manage their social campaigns from Pardot. But even though they’ve been available for years, they are easily forgotten and not at all leveraged. So here I am now, trying to shine some light on this great feature.

Through the native connectors, you can easily post your social marketing updates with Pardot to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. The user experience is really nice, as you get to see the character limits for that specific platform and schedule your posts in advance.

Social Marketing with Pardot

What are the benefits?

Besides integrating your online marketing tools into one platform, there are many additional benefits for using social marketing with Pardot, such as:

  • Post to multiple accounts from one Pardot org
  • Overview of your scheduled social marketing posts right in Pardot
  • See the activity on the prospect records
  • Include social marketing clicks in your scoring strategy
  • Great use of Campaigns and Lead Source to measure your social activity ROI


How can you enable it?

You would need an Administrator role in Pardot to configure the connectors. When you have that – or an Admin by your side – go to the Admin > Connectors page in Pardot. Select the Social Posting connector, then choose the platform you’d like to connect: LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Then, you need to log in with your credentials and allow Pardot access to that social marketing platform. Depending on the platform, the credentials you need can be different:

  • Twitter: Use your company’s Twitter account.
  • Facebook & LinkedIn: Log in with a user account, that is set as an Admin on the company page. Consider using a general user and prevent user-related access issues in the future.

Over time you might need to re-verify the connection. When that is due, Pardot will display a notification to remind you of that action.


What about reporting?

Unfortunately, on their own, the social posting connectors won’t provide you with in-depth performance reporting. All you get to see on the social message details tab is how many people clicked on it, but not any of the other metrics.

Social Marketing with Pardot

However, with the use of custom redirects, you can easily identify which link your prospects have engaged with and cross-reference it with the relevant landing pages submissions. That will be your conversion report!


What’s next?

Well, now you know why you should leverage these connectors and how to get the most out of social marketing with Pardot.

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