Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming B2B Marketing

by Linda Forsstrom Torres - December 14, 2017
Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming B2B Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is working! B2B marketers that uses AI are being able to process their customers data in an even better way than before and are being able to deliver personalised communication throughout the customer journey. AI has also improved the effectiveness of campaigns and increase business growth.

If your company is not already but wants to be able to predict consumer behaviour and automate actions of the customer’s journey, then a CRM system is what your company is missing. If you are not yet convinced, here are five ways that AI is transforming B2B marketing:

1. Enabling Predictive Lead Scoring

2. Leveraging Engagement Insights For Targeted Content

3. Powering Analytics For More Effective Campaigns

4. Fueling The Power Of Automation

5. Arming Sales Teams With Relevant, Actionable Insights

Follow the link below to read more about these 5 ways.


Research shows that 80% of B2B marketing executives believe that AI will revolutionize the field in the next five years. However, only 10% report using AI applications today.

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