Email Unsubscribers and Why They’re Your Blessing in Disguise

by Nicola Hodd - January 27, 2017
Email Unsubscribers and Why They’re Your Blessing in Disguise

In this world of data-driven marketing, we can quite often look at negative indicators of engagement as a sign of poor campaign performance. However, we are always looking to learn and evolve our campaigns and so these kind of indicators are just as important as the positive ones.

The unsubscribe rate is an important measure of how relevant and timely your communications are or whether they meet the recipients expectations. It gives you the chance to optimise your content, carefully craft your opt-in process and keeps your list active and fresh.

So don’t be scared of the unsubscribe rate – expect it and learn from it!


One of the most common myths that has plagued digital marketers for years is taking a ‘bad’ email unsubscribe rate as a sign of failure. The reality is that unsubscribers are doing the work for you and cleaning your list of people that have lost interest. Which is key to building a powerful email list.


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