Email Campaigns Best Practice

by Nicola Hodd - January 08, 2018
Email Campaigns Best Practice

Pardot is a great tool for sending out your email campaigns. It provides you with mobile-friendly templates, options to personalise your emails and ways to automate follow-up actions depending on your audience’s engagement.

As part of our email best practice series, we’ll get you started with your first email campaign, ensuring it gets through to the recipient’s inbox, looks great and is delivering results for your business.

Get your emails delivered
Read our top tips for getting your emails past the spam filters and into your prospect’s inbox. We’ll take you through best practice, avoiding spam filters and creating your first mailing lists. Read more here >

Create your email templates
Find out how to design your own email templates with no HTML coding knowledge required. We’ll show you the different options for personalisation and testing your email before you’re ready to send. Read more here >

Our guide to the best Pardot email templates
We take a look at some of the best Pardot email templates and what you can typically use each one for. Read more here >

Sending your first Pardot email – Checklist
Make sure you have everything ticked off before you hit send on that first email campaign! Read more here >

Get the most out of your email campaigns
Learn how to optimise and test your email campaigns to get the very best performance. Read more here >

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