Dreamforce Quip announcement – What does it mean

by Doug Gardner - November 08, 2017
Dreamforce Quip announcement – What does it mean

There may well be a few of you asking ‘what Quip is again?’. If so, it is best described as an interactive live document which can present information from multiple areas. To give you an example, if you have a complicated sale which involves multiple teams and complex possible options then you can combine all this information into a single document. This means that on that one document you can see a description of the Sale (like Word), a live spreadsheet of the possible pricing options (Like Excel), a list of tasks (in live Kanban) and you can discuss this with other members of the team in live chat. Check out a quick demonstration video here. The result of having all this information live in one place is that if a figure is altered in Salesforce (yes it is part of Salesforce) then the document is updated automatically. It also allows an overall view to be seen without having to constantly create PDF’s and wonder which is the newest. The potential for this to increase productivity is amazing, especially as it is easy to use without requiring coding.

So what has been announced? Live Apps have been announced, this means more integrations into more places, for instance you can now bring Docusign into a document and get the deal signed without having to create multiple documents. Other noticeable apps are with Atlassian, Lucidchart, and New Relic. This really is quite a start for Live apps and I’m sure it will grow very quickly as more companies start to utilise this time saving tool.

All very exciting and worth having a quick explore. Quip will only get bigger, it is obviously a main focus for Salesforce as shown by it being included in the Keynote and could well prove a revolution for your business.


You can embed polls and calendars, annotate images, track your next project, and bring your favorite third-party apps right into Quip

Documents with Superpowers: Introducing Live Apps for Quip

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