Don’t leave your user experience behind

by Nicola Hodd - October 27, 2016
Don’t leave your user experience behind

I agree wholeheartedly agree with this article – I think it’s easy, as busy marketers, to overlook what your website journey is like. Is it easy to navigate? Is the content enticing? Is it portraying your brand image? Is it telling the story you set out for it to do?

Because we’re on our website all day everyday we lose the ability to look at our sites objectively. But it’s important to consider your online journey and marketing communications from your prospects point of view in order to fully optimise them. And although your instincts are usually well placed, you will never really know what traction your pages will get unless you test it out with your target audience.


For a marketer, taking a step back and attempting to view your situation from a fresh perspective can be one of the most valuable things you do. This is especially true when it comes to looking at the behaviour of customers on your website.


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