Customer Collaboration With Salesforce IdeasExchange

by Jack Bailey-Grundy - January 04, 2017

You’ve got a great new plan to increase your business’s productivity in 2017, you just need a bit of Salesforce configuration to get it done. But when you get down to it, the final piece of the puzzle doesn’t quite fit as you expected. You’ve searched the forums, but no-one has a solution. Sound familiar?

For many Salesforce Admins, that’s the end of the road. But your quest need not end there. For 10 years the Salesforce IdeaExchange has provided a two way forum for customers to suggest improvements to the Salesforce environment, gain support for their ideas, and if popular, see Salesforce pick up and deliver a solution.

So next time you reach a roadblock, check the IdeaExchange, vote or post for your favourite solutions and next time a release comes out, take a look at the “You asked for it” section, and see what a difference Salesforce customers can make


…One-third of a product management team’s thinking is influence by IdeaExchange. One of the most unique features of the exchange is that it isn’t simply a one-sided suggestion box—it allows customers and employees the chance to start a dialogue and work through issues together.


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