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Salesforce Spring ’19 Release

Spring. It’s the season where it’s not quite time to turn the heating off yet or wear a t-shirt outside. It’s also the time when we ‘spring’ clean – which I don’t know about you, but in my house means getting behind all those big pieces of furniture, dusting the light fittings and cleaning the windows.

But Spring is also the season that brings about another Salesforce release, one bursting with new and exciting features. Continue reading “Salesforce Spring ’19 Release”

Does Your Salesforce Org Need a Spring Clean?

You’ve seen the signs for some time. The mornings are getting lighter, the weather is getting a little less gloomy, and daffodils are popping up all over the place. That can only mean that Spring is officially here and, just like with your own home, it is time to get your hands dirty and have a spring clean.

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Using Lazy Evaluation to Write Salesforce Apex Code Without For-Loops

Functions or for-loops?

A developer working in Javascript has access to some really convenient functions on Arrays. Functions like filter() and map()  can avoid the need to write for-loops. Is this actually a good thing? Can we write Apex this way?

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My Biggest Take Away From London’s Calling…..

…….dont wear heels!!! OK, that’s not entirely true, my biggest take away from London’s calling was the ‘Power of One’ formula and I’ll come onto that shortly, but I do feel compelled to mention that you definitely shouldn’t wear heels to this event, as I did. It’s flat shoes, trainers, all the way….

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The Top 5 Lead Conversion Metrics To Track This Year

Knowing how many leads convert to opportunities is just the start of your lead conversion metrics journey.

Deep diving into more detailed metrics will help you optimise revenue from converted leads, figure out what’s working and what’s not, and work out when marketing and sales are wasting valuable time on non-productive leads. Also, they’re easy to implement. Let me talk you through them:

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Opportunity stages, how to get them right

I am involved in a lot of Salesforce Sales Cloud projects, from initial implementations to rebuilds and refreshes; and everyone will at some point include a discussion about Opportunity Stages. As such I wanted to share some of my learning and suggestions to help you get the most of this vital element of Salesforce. Continue reading “Opportunity stages, how to get them right”