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Opportunity stages, how to get them right

I am involved in a lot of Salesforce Sales Cloud projects, from initial implementations to rebuilds and refreshes; and everyone will at some point include a discussion about Opportunity Stages. As such I wanted to share some of my learning and suggestions to help you get the most of this vital element of Salesforce. Continue reading “Opportunity stages, how to get them right”

Salesforce Automation Overview

Salesforce Automation Overview

Salesforces success is largely due to its unrivalled customisation options. The CRM solution can be moulded to your unique business processes, allowing for immeasurable customisation options.

Salesforce doesn’t break this trend when it comes to automation. Continue reading “Salesforce Automation Overview”

Performance Testing of Process Builder vs Apex

The choice between writing custom Apex code or using declarative tools in Salesforce has always been a difficult one to make. Process Builder is capable of more than Workflow was, but it came at a big performance cost. In this article, Roger Mitchell measures that performance cost again. And it looks like things have improved considerably since 2016. Continue reading “Performance Testing of Process Builder vs Apex”