Build Hyper Collaboration within your Marketing Teams with Quip

by Dorottya Dvorak - May 18, 2018
Build Hyper Collaboration within your Marketing Teams with Quip

Quip has been around in the Salesforce ecosystem for a while, but until now I didn’t have a chance to start exploring it’s capabilities for marketing. Fortunately Salesforce World Tour London offered a great session this year to show what Quip is and how marketing teams can benefit by using it.

I think everyone who works in marketing agrees, that when it comes to collaboration we can expect to experience a few issues:

  1. Accelerated Timelines – “I need this by the end of the week”
  2. Lack of communication between the separate teams of the marketing department (content, event, design, analytics, etc).
  3. Busy work ecosystem with multiple apps and softwares to use

Lucky for us Quip solves all of these issues, as it provides one centralised platform for all the marketing teams to join forces and finish a specific campaign within a set deadline.

With Quip you can forget about searching for the final version of your campaign plan, and attending meetings after meetings to make decisions about the budgeting. I was actually surprised to see how Quip combines creation and communication, and how many actions and steps can be integrated into one platform. See a few I heard about:

  • Set a countdown to the start of the project
  • Start conversations around the whole campaign or for specific areas
  • Embed a calendar and differentiate the individual events by priority
  • Summarise your budget in a spreadsheet and display it in text as well
  • See the responsibilities of the marketing teams
  • Specify the expenses and plans of the utilised channels
  • Make a use of the Action / To-Do List which sends out automated reminders
  • Integrate email drafts directly from Marketing Cloud
  •  Create polls about which copy to choose for your social post or Google advertisement
  • Review the real-time analysis based on the data in Marketing Cloud

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, nothing can slow you down anymore, as Quip documents are available on desktop and mobile as well. Work with your marketing teams fast and efficiently, and complete your projects on-time – try Quip now with your team and see how it can perfect your campaigns.


Our superpower is delivering the magic when you combine content and communication in a single, simple experience.

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