Brand storytelling is here to stay

by Nicola Hodd - October 26, 2016
Brand storytelling is here to stay

They say content is king, but since then we’ve been inundated with content. So much so, that the challenge for the modern marketer today is how to cut through that noise.

One way that brands are starting to achieve that is through storytelling. Along with distributing relevant and thought-provoking content, we should now be telling a story to engage with our audience on a more personal and emotive level.

What does your brand stand for and how will you tell your story?


Narrative is the deep pattern of a story. It deals with who people are (the hero), what their intentions are (their mission), the challenges they face (antagonisms), their chances of success or failure (comic/tragic resolution), and the conclusion to be drawn from the situation (the moral)

Brand storytelling might seem faddish but it’s here to stay


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